Applying for an ad hoc intercountry adoption

Your state or territory central authority must agree in principle to accept an ad hoc request before you can make a formal application.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that exceptional circumstances apply. For example, exceptional circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

  • shared ethnicity, citizenship or language
  • having lived in the country for several years
  • currently having close family members residing in the country.

If your state or territory central authority agrees in principle to accept the request, you will normally submit an Ad Hoc Request Form, which is available from your state or territory central authority.

If your state or territory central authority supports your ad-hoc adoption request, you will commence the normal intercountry adoption process. If your state or territory does not support the request, you will be advised of the reasons for that decision.

For more information about ad hoc intercountry adoption, read this document or contact the central authority in your state or territory by email, telephone or via their website.

Immigration requirements

Australia’s adoption visa requirements are in place to protect the best interests of the child. An adoption visa will only be granted if specific immigration laws are satisfied and the adoption has occurred through the appropriate channels.

If an intercountryadoption is not arranged through the relevant state or territory central authority, there is significant risk that the child will not meet Australian immigration requirements and will not be able to enter Australia.

For more detailed immigration information, please visit Immigration, citizenship and passports or contact us.