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Intercountry adoption can provide a loving and stable home for a child who is unable to live with their own family, and for whom a suitable permanent family cannot be found in their home country.

Adoption is an involved process that takes time and there are many things to consider before deciding whether Intercountry adoption is for you.

Intercountry Adoption Australia is here to help you understand the process and connect you to a range of resources, services and to the adoption authority in your state or territory who will manage your adoption application.

You can start your intercountry adoption journey by calling us on 1800 197 760 or visit

We can help guide you through the eligibility requirements set by the state or territory you live in, and for the overseas country you would like to adopt from.

Depending on where you live, the next step is to review an information kit or attend an information session to find out more about fees, time frames, and the different characteristics of children in need of intercountry adoption, many of whom are older, in sibling groups, or have special physical, intellectual or behavioural needs.

If you wish to continue, you can lodge an expression of interest to adopt a child from one of our partner countries. Your state or territory adoption authority will then commence your assessment. The assessment process may include health, police and referee checks as well as several in-depth interviews.

If your application is approved by your state or territory adoption authority, it then needs to be approved by the overseas country you’ve chosen. This is followed by a period of waiting to see if the overseas authority can match a child with your family. This is usually a lengthy process and could take several years.

If your family is matched with a child, you will be sent a placement proposal. This may include important social and medical information about the child, which you will need to seriously consider.

If you accept the proposal, you will need to travel overseas to meet your child, and complete overseas adoption formalities or court proceedings. The timing and number of visits depends on the overseas country, and it can sometimes be a few months before you travel.

You will also need to make immigration arrangements for your adopted child. The relevant Australian authorities will work with you to obtain the necessary visas, or citizenship papers and passport for your child.

After your child arrives in Australia, your state or territory adoption authority will visit to check that you are all settling-in well together. There are several visits in the first year and some overseas countries require reports for 12 months or longer. These visits are to supervise the wellbeing of your child and provide support during the settling-in period.

We recognise that your adoption journey doesn’t end there. Our trained social workers and counsellors can connect you to a range of services to support you into the future.

If you would like more information, please call us at Intercountry Adoption Australia on 1800 197 760.