If you want to adopt a child from overseas, this is called intercountry adoption. In Australia, you may be eligible to adopt from one of our partner countries.

Intercountry Adoption Australia can provide information and support to help you through your adoption journey.

Frequently asked Questions

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Who are the children in need of adoption?

While the age of children in need of intercountry adoption varies across partner countries, they are usually older, in sibling groups or may have special needs including special physical, intellectual or behavioural needs. Their language, culture and ethnicity may be different from your own and that of your community.

Many children are old enough to remember their birth family, and some may have lived in foster care, orphanages and other institutions.

You can learn more about things to consider when adopting a child from overseas.

What is intercountry adoption and how does it work?

Intercountry adoption is the adoption of a child from one of our partner countries. All intercountry adoptions need to meet the principles and standards of the Hague Convention.

You can view a short video that explains what intercountry adoption is and how the process works.

The adoption process depends on what state or territory you live in, as your state and territory central authority handles your application and the adoption process.

How long does the adoption process take?

Waiting times depend on which country you want to apply to adopt from. Waiting times of several years are not uncommon. You can find out more on the time and cost page.