Time and costs

Length of the adoption process

The amount of time an adoption process takes can vary. It is usually a lengthy process, and waiting times of several years are not uncommon. Factors that may affect the duration of the process include:

  • the number and characteristics of children requiring intercountry adoption
  • the number of applicants
  • the age and needs of the child/children who you are approved to adopt
  • how long it takes the overseas country to process your application (which is outside of Australia’s control and subject to changes in their policies).

Please contact us or the central authority in your state or territory for more information about waiting times for Australia’s intercountry arrangements.

Adoption fees and costs

Intercountry adoption can be expensive. Fees vary between states and territories, ranging from around $3,000 to around $11,000 per application (see table below). In addition, fees also vary between the overseas countries involved. There are also other expenses to consider such as:

  • airline travel
  • overseas accommodation
  • preparing documents (translation, legal and notary fees).

Paying state and territory application fees, or sending a completed application overseas, does not guarantee that you will be matched with a child.

Information about the fees charged by overseas authorities is available by visiting Partner countries.

State and territory intercountry adoption fees

Adoption costs current @ 1 July 2017. Please note that adoption costs can be subject to change.

State/ Territory Type of fee Stage Fees – 1st application/ assessment Fees – subsequent application/assessment
ACT Information seminar Information $339.96 n/a
Administration Pre-assessment $1658.84 $1658.84
Home study Pre-assessment $2813.75 $2813.75
Post placement reports Pre-commencement $1141.65 $1141.65
SA Expression of interest lodgement Pre-assessment $866 $649
Application for registration and assessment Pre-education and assessment $4327 $3605
Preparation of file for overseas lodgement Dossier preparation $2884 $2884
Placement After allocation $3749 $3605
QLD Assessment

  • No fee for expression of interest
  • Fee paid in two instalments
Selected for assessment $4733.30 $4733.30
Supervision Post placement $2028.60 $2028.60
NSW Information stage Information & expression of interest $640 No charge
Assessment Application & assessment $4260 $2100
Allocation Allocation $4800 $4800
TAS Registration Registration $310 $310
Assessment Assessment $1460.10 $1460.10
Preparation of file for sending overseas File preparation $775 $775
Post placement services Post placement $775 $775
Preparation of file for court (to get Tasmania birth certificate) Preparation of file for court (to get Tasmania birth certificate) $310 $310
VIC Registration of interest to adopt a non-citizen child Application $137.90 $137.90
Application Application $1666.60 $1389.30
Applicant assessment and report Assessment $3681.60 $2152.90
Approval and preparation of documents required by overseas country Assessment $1805.90 $1805.90
Placement proposal and post placement visits and reports Post placement $1389.30 $1389.30
WA Information seminar and education sessions Before assessment $700 (per couple)
$350 (per person)
No charge
Registration Before assessment $1009 $992
Applicant assessment and report Before assessment $1328 $874
Home study dossier Fees payable to relevant agencies Fees payable to relevant agencies
Preparation of file for court No charge No charge
Post placement services No charge No charge
NT Application Application $1000 $750
Assessment and education Assessment $2300 $2300
File transmittal File transmission $1300-$1900 $1300-$1900
Placement supervision Post placement $1000 $1000

Please contact the central authority in your state or territory for further information about adoption fees.