Partner countries

You can apply to adopt a child from countries with which the Australian Government has an active intercountry adoption arrangement. Currently, Australia has active arrangements with 12 countries; these are referred to as partner countries. For information regarding partner country programs that are currently on hold, please visit the Department of Social Services – country programs.

Specific information is available for each country, including whether they are party to the Hague Convention, indicative waiting times, who can adopt (basic eligibility), characteristics of children, approximate costs, finalisation and post-adoption arrangements, immigration and citizenship arrangements.

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Each partner country has eligibility criteria, which you will need to consider as you assess which country or countries you may be interested in adopting from. You must first meet the eligibility criteria of the state or territory you reside in. Your state or territory may not necessarily have adoption arrangements with some or all of the countries listed above.

Please contact us or visit state and territory central authorities to assess which countries you may be eligible to adopt from.

More information about the Philippines-Australia intercountry adoption program can be found on the Philippines webpage.

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