Partner countries

What countries can I adopt from?

Australia currently has intercountry adoption arrangements with 13 countries. These are called partner countries.


Each partner country has its own specific adoption requirements, such as:

  • who is eligible to adopt
  • characteristics of children available for adoption
  • indicative waiting times
  • approximate costs
  • finalisation and post-adoption arrangements
  • immigration and citizenship arrangements
  • whether they are party to the Hague Convention

You must:

  • meet the eligibility criteria of the state or territory you live in and
  • meet the eligibility criteria of the partner country

Your state and territory central authority (STCA) provides advice to those hoping to adopt, accepts adoption applications and assesses eligibility.

Partner countries

Below is a list of countries you may be eligible to adopt a child from:

It’s important you contact your STCA to discuss current arrangements with your choice of partner country.

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