Pre approval

Before you apply to adopt a child from overseas, you will need to attend an education session held by your state and territory central authority (STCA).

These education sessions will provide you with the knowledge, tools and information you’ll need during the application process and once the adoption is finalised.

What the education sessions cover

The education sessions cover what is involved when adopting a child from overseas, including:

  • the legalities of adopting a child from overseas
  • the realities of adopting a child from overseas, including waiting periods and costs
  • adopting a child with special needs
    • characteristics of special needs
    • assessing if you have the ability to care for a child with special needs
  • general child development issues
    • the needs of adopted children
  • attachment issues
  • adjusting to a new family life in Australia
  • how you can help your child connect with their culture and past
  • cultural and ethnic identity issues and their importance to a child’s identity
  • Australia’s policy about name changing
  • managing unexpected developments, such as new information about your adopted child and knowing when to get help

What happens after the education sessions?

After you have attended an education session, you need to decide if intercountry adoption is right for your family. If you decide to go ahead, some STCAs have time limits for you to apply.

You will need to apply through your STCA.