About Intercountry Adoption Australia

Intercountry adoption aims to provide loving, stable and permanent families for children who are unable to live with their relatives and cannot receive care in their country of birth.

Australia only facilitates overseas adoptions if the principles and standards of the Hague Convention can be met, regardless of whether the partner country has signed the Convention.

While it is a rewarding experience to give a child (or children) from overseas a new home here in Australia, the process takes time and presents a unique set of challenges.

The Australian Government created Intercountry Adoption Australia to help guide parents wanting to adopt a child from overseas.

We are a national service and central point of contact for people at all stages of the intercountry adoption process. Whether you are already in the process, or considering applying to adopt a child from overseas, Intercountry Adoption Australia can connect you to a variety of resources and services.

We can help you be better prepared for each of the steps involved in adopting from overseas, as well as any challenges that may arise before you make contact with your State or Territory government to start the process.

Our website includes a range of information to help you to learn about all aspects of intercountry adoption. This includes important information while you’re Countries and Consideration, information about Australia’s Partner countries, Things to consider, important contact details of the central authority in your state or territory if you decide to begin the process, and much more.

Intercountry Adoption Australia also understands that your journey doesn’t end on the day your child arrives in your home. We can help connect you to a range of support services to help you as you get to know your child and your child gets to know their new family.

You can contact us for more information.