Intercountry Adoption Australia (IAA) is an information and referral service to help guide people through the adoption process. We can connect you with a range of resources and services, and answer questions you may have.

We work with a number of government departments to facilitate intercountry adoption.

Who is involved in Australia’s intercountry adoption program?

While Intercountry Adoption Australia will help with information, your state and territory central authority (STCA) manages intercountry adoption applications and assesses eligibility.

State and territory central authorities

Your state and territory central authority will help you throughout the adoption process by:

  • preparing and supporting families through the intercountry adoption process
  • assessing adoption applications
  • handling day-to-day adoption application matters
  • providing advice to families about specific overseas country requirements
  • monitoring the progress of applications with the relevant overseas agency
  • providing support and supervision to families after placement of adopted children

Department of Social Services

The Australian Government, through the Department of Social Services, oversees intercountry adoption to ensure that Australia maintains ethical intercountry adoption arrangements.

DSS is responsible for:

  • managing Australia’s intercountry adoption programs
  • international and national stakeholder engagement
  • operating the Intercountry Adoption Australia information and referral service
  • providing support services to people at all stages of the adoption process, alongside state and territory central authorities
  • ensuring Australia meets all obligations under the Hague Convention

You can contact us for more information about intercountry adoption.