Local support

Your state or territory government is the main provider of adoption support and advice and the relevant office listed below should be your main point of contact.

Australian Capital Territory

Assessment and Support Unit – Adoptions Team
Child and Youth Protection Services
Phone: 02 6207 1069
Fax: 02 6207 1020
Email: adoptions@act.gov.au

New South Wales

Adoption and Permanency Services
Department of Communities and Justice
Phone: 02 9716 3003
Fax: 02 9716 3001
Email: intercountryadoption@facs.nsw.gov.au

Northern Territory

Adoption Unit
Territory Families
Phone: 08 8922 5519
Fax: 08 8922 7480
Email: tf.adoptions@nt.gov.au


Adoption and Permanent Care Services
Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
Phone: 07 3097 5100
Free call: 1800 647 983
Fax: 07 3006 4065
Email: ads@csyw.qld.gov.au

South Australia

Adoption Services
Department for Child Protection
Phone: 08 8463 3666
Fax: 08 8463 6188
Email: adoptions@sa.gov.au


Adoption and Permanency Services
Department of Communities Tasmania
Phone: 03 6166 0422
E-mail: adoption.service@communities.tas.gov.au


Adoption Victoria
Department of Justice and Community Safety
Phone: 03 8608 5700
Free call: 1800 130 225 (international) or 133 769 926 (local)
Fax: 03 8608 5760
Email: adoptionsvic@justice.gov.au

Western Australia

Adoption Services
Department of Communities
Phone: 08 9286 5200
Free call: 1800 182 178
Fax: 08 9385 1920
E-mail: adoptions@cpfs.wa.gov.au

Non-government support

There are numerous privately or personally operated organisations that support adoptees and people who have adopted from overseas. Many of these organisations were established by people who have themselves been through the process of intercountry adoption. The support provided by these organsation can, and often does, include:

  • individual counselling
  • family therapy
  • group counselling
  • telephone counselling
  • mediation
  • mentoring
  • cultural support

Contact details for non-government post-adoption services are included with their permission. If your organisation would like its contact details listed, contact us.

Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI)

PO BOX 337
Mona Vale NSW 2103
Email: adoptedvietnamese@hotmail.com
Website: Adopted Vietnamese International

Adoption Jigsaw

176 Fitzgerald St
Perth WA 6000
Phone: 08 9328 4000
Email: jigsaw@jigsaw.org.au
Website: Adoption Jigsaw

Adoption Research and Counselling Service Inc (ARCS)

301 Railway Parade
Maylands WA 6051
Phone: 08 9370 4914
Email: arcs@adoptionwa.org.au
Website: Adoption Research and Counselling Service

Adoption Support for Families and Children

PO BOX 122
Subiaco WA 6904
Email: infoasfc@yahoo.com.au
Website: Adoption Support for Families and Children
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ASFCInc/

Adoptive Families Association (ACT)

Website: Adoptive Families Association of the ACT

Australian Families for Children

PO Box 7420
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Email: info@australiansadopt.org
Website: Australian Families for Children

Australians Caring for Children

PO Box 7420
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Email: info@accau.org
Website: Australians Caring for Children

Families with Children from China – Australia (FCC-Australia)

PO Box 13143
Law Courts VIC 8010
Email: info@fccaustralia.com.au
Website: Families with Children from China

Intercountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV)

Website: Intercountry Adoptee Voices

International Adoptive Families of Queensland Inc

Website: International Adoptive Families of Queensland

International Social Service (ISS) Australia

Level 2, 313-315 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9614 8755

Email: iss@iss.org.au
Website: International Social Service Australia

Jigsaw Queensland

PO Box 912
New Farm QLD 4005
Phone: 07 3358 6666
Email: support@jigsawqld.org.au
Website: Jigsaw Queensland

Korean Adoptive Families – Han Ho Inc (Vic)

Email: president@kaf.org.au
Website: Korean Adoptive Families

Permanent Care and Adoptive Families (PCA Families)

Level 5, 50 Market Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9020 1833
Email: info@pcafamilies.org.au
Website: Permanent Care and Adoptive Families

Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC)

The Benevolent Society
Suite 253, Level 5, 7-11 The Avenue
Hurstville NSW 1481
Phone: 02 9504 6788
Email: parc@benevolent.org.au
Website: Post Adoption Support page

Post Adoption Support Service

Relationships Australia SA
49a Orsmond Street
Hindmarsh SA 5007
Phone: 08 8245 8100
Email: passinfo@rasa.org.au
Website: Post Adoption Support Services

Special Needs Adoption Australia (SNAA)

Email: specialneedsadoptionaustralia-owner@yahoogroups.com
Facebook: Special Needs Adoption Australia (SNAA)

The Curry Club – A Network for Prospective and Adoptive Fathers of Children Born Overseas

Email: thecurryclub@y7mail.com
Website: The Curry Club

Vanish Inc

PO Box 112
Carlton South VIC 3053
Phone: 03 9328 8611
Toll Free: 1300 Vanish (1300 826 474)
Email: info@vanish.org.au
Website: Vanish

World Families Australia Inc

PO Box 11
Hope Valley SA 5088
Phone: 08 8261 0008
Email: worldfamilies@bigpond.com
Website: World Families Australia Inc