Pre-placement contact

What is pre-placement contact?

Pre-placement contact is when you have contact with:

  • a child who can be adopted
  • a person or organisation caring for that child or
  • an intercountry adoption authority before the adoption process has been finalised

Under the Hague Convention, you generally can’t have any contact before you have accepted the placement proposal.

Why pre-placement contact is not recommended

If you’re considering pre-placement contact, we recommend that you talk to your state and territory central authority for advice, even if your child’s country of origin has different processes.

This is because pre-placement contact may:

  • be viewed as influencing the decision of the overseas government or agency
  • affect the decision of the overseas authority to honor the placement of the child (if the child has already been placed with a family)
  • risk the placement prospects for a child
  • risk the transparency or future of Australia’s intercountry adoption program with that country

Hague Convention rules on pre-placement contact

In some situations, the Hague Convention allows pre-placement contact after the placement proposal has been accepted, including where:

  • the child has agreed to pre-placement contact
  • the contact is desirable or unavoidable
  • the overseas authority asks for pre-placement contact
  • it’s an intercountry relative adoption

Traveling to the country of origin

You can visit the country you have applied to adopt a child from. But it’s important that you don’t visit any orphanages, children’s homes, organisations or people who care for children that may be placed with Australian families.