Respite care

Respite care is a form of out-of-home care used to provide short-term accommodation for children and young people, where the intention is always that the child or young person will return to their usual home after a short period.

Respite placements include:

Respite from birth family: This is where a child is placed in out-of-home care on a temporary basis for reasons other than child protection. In some instances, the child’s parents may be ill or unable to care for them on a temporary basis. In other cases, the respite is used as a family support mechanism to prevent the child from having to enter into full-time out-of-home care. It can also be part of a reunification process, or as a shared-care arrangement.

Respite from out-of-home placement: This is where a child spends regular, short and agreed periods of time with another carer other than their primary carer.

Talk to the central authority in your state or territory for more specific information about how you may be able to assist with respite care.