Applying for intercountry subsequent sibling adoption

If you’re interested in adopting the sibling/s of a child you have already adopted from overseas you need to discuss this with your state and territory central authority (STCA). However, your STCA won’t be able to help you if the sibling/s aren’t legally adoptable in the country of origin.

How do I apply for sibling adoption?

In the first instance, you need to let your STCA know that you want to be assessed to adopt any siblings of your adopted child. But there is no guarantee that any siblings will be placed with you.

You can’t contact the overseas central authority directly. You need to go through your STCA.

Immigration details

The adopted child can travel to Australia under adoption visa (subclass 102).

If the adoption wasn’t arranged through your STCA, there’s a risk that the child won’t meet Australian immigration requirements and won’t be able to enter Australia.

You can learn more about immigration, citizenship and passports.

Compliance with the Hague Convention

All adoptions need to comply with the Hague Convention to protect children and their families from trafficking, and illegal and ill-prepared adoptions.